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We specialise in Thermal Imaging which can detect heat loss, insulation check, water leaks, underfloor leaks, chimney cracks, draughts and roof leaks. We also provide site surveys and inspections nationwide in Ireland.

Sharp scan is based in the West of Ireland and has services clients all over Ireland, From Dublin, Limerick, Cork and the north of Ireland. This new technology will open your eyes to the things which we can not see and will surprise you at the things you thought was. You may think that your home is warm and draught less but with this technology you will be amazed. Thermography or thermal imaging allows a simple and effective insulation check to carry out the necessary insulation work on your home.

We are registered with EMI (Energy Monitoring Ireland) who are foremost in their field when it comes to thermal Imaging and Infrared technology.
With every survey comes a banded report which can be presented to any Insurance company, engineer, architects, roofer, plumber and insulation contractors.

I have been in the construction industry for 30 years, with this knowledge regarding the components with in your building it will be possible to locate, advise and recommend solutions with regard solving your particular problems. If once the problem has been sourced and the problem is an insurance issue I would also be able to represent you in settling your claim, using my 8 years of experience in the insurance industry.
Once the claim is settled you can use your own trade’s people to carry out the works if you wish or avail of my network of trades and building contractors through out the country.

What is thermal imaging?
Using this amazing new technology to locate your problems, with this system the images are down loaded from the camera card, transferred on to your pc or lap top from here the information is processed and gives the varies ambient temperatures of each element with in the contents. After this it develops a full report with Thermal image and digital picture format for ease of location of each problem location.
Find the leak... save € and heat!

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